Cloud Channel Transformation

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Whitepaper Overview

Cloud computing is transforming the way that IT is purchased and used. A 'perfect storm' of conditions exists today in our market – economic, technological and cultural – make it irresistible for companies to investigate cloud solutions. Whether their goal is to cut costs, boost agility, ease operational and maintenance headaches or to future-proof the business, cloud computing is the next great IT delivery frontier.

The cloud's service-driven consumption model found early appeal among developers, and ad hoc usage predominated. As users journey beyond test and development and staging and begin to examine its use for production tasks, the cloud has shifted into the critical path of core IT strategies. With this shift, the expectations placed on all cloud computing providers increase radically.

COPERNICI initiated research and analysis of the business implications, strategic intent and marketing efforts for cloud channel companies whose revenue models are also undergoing a major change as a result of this transformation in the business.

With so many cloud vendors in the market making claims today, sifting through the “who's who” can be torture for solution providers and their customers as they look to tap into the many benefits cloud computing can bring. As such, COPERNICI is providing an analysis to help you sort through the maze of information. We followed the traditional IT sector framework, categorizing our findings for companies in 7 types:

  • VAR

  • SI

  • ISV/App Builder

  • LAR and Scale Resellers

  • Distributors

  • Hosting Service Providers

  • Communications Service Providers/Telco

We will also be publishing a whitepaper, spotlighting the following for the ISV/App Dev provider:

  • channel call to action analysis

  • strategic intent

  • business model transformation

across five categories:

  • cloud platforms

  • cloud infrastructure

  • cloud security

  • cloud storage

  • cloud software and apps

Request your copyof the whitepaper today, we will send it to you when it is complete. 

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