Ernest Batiste

HR Management and Organizational Development

Ernest Batiste is an innovative and effective organizational human resources and development executive and advisor. Batiste advises boards and executive management in the Pacific Northwest in terms of organizational change, organizational effectiveness, teams and their composition, and other organization development measures including development of KPI system for businesses. He aligns KPIs with organization’s business strategy.

At US West Ernest was charged with allocating stock options for 25,000 person organization. He designed and implemented a new stock option program which included a broader base of employees, thus increasing employee ownership, employee retention rate. He has designed and instituted an innovative comprehensive sales compensation program 

for a medical software company, which satisfied the dual needs of new customers and client care. When a company was in a difficult financial period, not being able to pay employees, Batiste offered stock plans, implemented telecommuting and various other measures which resulted in retaining 95% of employees during a period of hardship. In two other organizations, one was manufacturing and the other was creating a direct sales force including support, he created recruitment programs which resulted in hiring over 400 employees in less than 3 months for each organization.

Ernest enjoys discovery and is exceptionally talented in motivating people to achieve their best potential. He is competitive at ping-pong, bridge, and other card games.

Ernest studied for his Masters in Business and Public Administration at California State University, Sacramento where he earned his undergraduate degree.

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