Advisory Board

Liana Antanovich

Managing Director, Business Strategy and Marketing

Liana Antanovich is the founder and owner of COPERNICI Consulting Group, a management consulting firm focused on business strategy, marketing, sales enablement, and reputation management. She leads business strategy and 

marketing practices, and advises large and mid- sized technology, manufacturing and financial services companies. Read more>>

Kerry McGowne

Corporate Marketing, Branding and Reputation Management

Kerry McGowne is a seasoned marketing and communications executive with proven performance and success in the high technology and healthcare IT industries.In particular, his expertise lies in the area of brand development, reputation management,

and corporate marketing strategy that helps companies map their product plans and campaigns to the organization’s overall objectives and goals. Read more>>

Marguerite Cole

Sr. Associate, Sales Enablement

Marguerite Cole drives sales enablement programs and coaches both sales managers/leaders and sales teams.With broad experience across multiple Fortune 250 companies, Marguerite has global expertise developing world class

sellers and managers, sales strategies, marketing strategies, and competitive analysis.  Read more>>

John Schroeter 

Sr. Associate, Marketing and Reputation Management

John Schroeter is a deeply experienced professional delivering innovative, award-winning solutions to ambitious marketing and communications challenges. By adapting best practices-driven methodologies such as Quality-Function

Deployment (QFD) for product marketing, branding, and communications objectives, his work has generated patents, earned industry awards, and secured substantial media footprints for his clients while helping them meet and exceed aggressive business goals. Read more>>

Dorothy Brown

Sr. Associate, Business Intelligence and CRM

Dorothy Brown is a Business Analyst with experience in business analytics and strategy. While engaging with companies like Bank of America, Sprint, Reliant Energy, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, DELL, T-Mobile, Expedia, Classmates, Microsoft and 

Starbucks, Dorothy advises on transition from transactional BI infrastructure to customer-focused infrastructure. She helps clients to develop their CRM strategy and address their analytical needs to facilitate the use of predictive analytics and improve customer life-cycle, acquisition and retention. 

Read more>>

Thomas M. Coccione

Sales and Channel Development

Mr. Coccione has a thirty year successful track record in executive management including sales, marketing and consulting in the software industry.
As CEO of software and technology companies Coccione has led the development of several 

companies from incubation to profitable world-wide organizations, where he successfully organized and executed a large global enterprise direct and in-direct sales channels. Read more>>

Ernest Batiste

Human Resources and Reputation Management

Ernest Batiste is an innovative and effective organizational human resources and development executive and advisor. Batiste advises boards and executive management in the Pacific Northwest in terms of organizational change, 

organizational effectiveness, teams and their composition, corporate and executives' reputation, leader coaching, and other organization development measures. Read more>>

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