Where does the wind blow the Cloud?

Parallels Summit 2010 impressions

Where does the wind blow the Cloud? I considered the answer at the Parallels Summit 2010, February 23rd-25th representing Copernici Consulting Group, a Seattle-based management consulting firm. Sponsors, exhibitors and attendees all agreed this was a remarkable event for the cloud services industry. About one thousand participants gathered in Miami, Florida from all over the world, representing the sharpest minds in the Cloud space. 


The Summit’s tagline “Profit from the Cloud - Innovate, Optimize, Grow” resonated well with the perceived key success factors for driving the Cloud, which the majority focuses on these days. Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service offerings are still going up on the technology adoption curve, bringing an anticipated growth far exceeding the economic growth. What a great time to be part of this! 

While keeping their eyes wide open, ready to notice a glimpse of new trends, subject matter experts discussed and took into consideration a combination of diverse factors. Many agree that this was the core value of the Parallels Summit this year. 

Catching the wind

In his keynote presentation Serguei Beloussov (picture to the left), Parallels CEO emphasized the expected growth in every of its segments and the prediction that the Cloud overall is hitting the chasm in the adoption curve (ref. “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore). 

In the early adoption phases you drive business based on a cool technology innovation and pure economic factors. This is reflected in the value proposition for technology platform marketing. 


PaaS is likely to go its own steady route. SaaS, on the other hand might demonstrate a more typical for applications behavior of “getting stuck” on the top of the early adopters curve not being able yet to cross the chasm and reach the early majority. Early majority is a nirvana for service providers’ channel and vendors. 

To enable a crossing of the chasms industry players must focus on the end customer, segment, prioritize, focus product development, and enrich offerings with very relevant and unique applications, and focus and discipline in addressing a selected niche the best possible way. 

Clearly, such a shift in approach and business generation processes requires software vendors, distributors and resellers, as well as service providers and data center management to acquire and utilize a powerful product and program management and marketing skill set. This is still a very scarce resource, expensive and hard to find.

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